Job Summary:

NewEdge Advisors was founded to give successful advisors more time and resources to focus on their clients and practice. One key component to executing this strategy is our differentiated approach to Investments Services. Unlike most RIA firms, who espouse their own internal research, CFA’s and portfolio construction, NewEdge Advisors partners with the industry’s leaders in each of these categories. Leveraging the immense resources, services and human capital of fund companies and custodians, we use our scale to unlock the power of partnership for our advisors, providing proven and cost-effective solutions that it would be difficult to access alone.

The Director of Investments functions as a knowledge center for both internal and external clients, proactively creating and disseminating investment content so affiliated advisors can prospect and manage relationships with maximum confidence; as if they managed the money themselves and had access to their own in-house research. Moreover, the Director of Investments will be the foremost expert on all the investment related resources provided by our firm, strategic partnerships, tech companies and custodians. When advisors have needs, the Director of Investments is their ‘point guard’ making warm introductions when appropriate and sharing information directly as needed.


Duties & Responsibilities:

Management, Strategy & Leadership

Provide MD/CIO with support across management and leadership across division. This will include having direct reports across products, investments, trading, and solutions.
Assist with strategy across division, including implementation of strategic vision.
Model our firms’ Advisor-first mindset and fiduciary approach.
Assist with creation and maintenance of various departmental policies and procedures.


Platform Sales & Advisor Recruiting

Assist with home office visits and recruiting, both remotely and in person at home office locations. Some travel and comfort with in-person meetings required.
Facilitate solution mapping for committed recruits, understand how, when, and where to drive firm revenue using platform and solutions.
Maintain an understanding of competitor, industry trends and industry optionality.


Presenting & Communicating

Excellent communication skills. Presentations, marketing content, and deliverables for staff, colleagues, clients, and recruit
Be a dynamic and entertaining conversationalist and presenter.


Platform and TPAM/TAMP Architecture

Understand the benefits and disadvantages or investment outsourcing, and in turn, rep-as-PM programs across our industry.
Understand how TAMPs operate and why advisors use them.
Assist MD/CIO with building an industry leading, disruptive investment platform.


Portfolio Management

Be comfortable discussing a variety of investment strategies, including an understand of products and solutions available to RIAs.
Be conversant in equity, bond, alternative and platform solutions available to our advisors.
Create proposals and run portfolio analysis using various technology:
Have comfort with research and technology available to portfolios managers and traders.
Familiarity with various products: equities, bonds, funds, ETFs, alternatives, LPs, DPPs, SMAs, annuities, insurance, and direct indexing.
Develop and maintain relationships with strategic investment management partners.
Evaluate our investment offering (usage, flow, overlap) and look for complimentary new offerings.
Proactively search for, and share ideas with GA peers, for new model delivery opportunities that fill gaps.
Be on an investments/research call every day to stay up to speed.


Trading, Capital Markets & Rebalancer Technology

Have a solid understanding of capital markets.
A deep understand of trade execution.
A sound understanding of industry rebalancing technology.
Research and analyze FinTech tools related to trading and investment management. This could include procuring new tools that provide operational efficiency and/or advisor value
Be the Product Manager for investment related technology and tools that we support (Hidden Levers, eMoney, Albridge, etc.). This could include:

Being the administrator of the tools and helping onboard new advisors

Being the main point of contact for advisor related question
Helping advisors navigate the technology firms when they need enhanced support
Maintaining relationships with the technology vendors and negotiating pricing



Act as chief of staff and right hand of division leader. Both in approach, management, leadership, vision, and strategy.
Be comfortable with various analytics providers such as: Morningstar, Ycharts, Hidden Levers (Orion Risk), Riskalyze, and others.
Fluent with a variety of research providers such as: Ycharts, FactSet, Dorsey Wright, BondNAV and others
A sound understanding of rebalancer technology such as: Envestnet, Black Diamon, Folio, Orion Eclipse, RedBlack, Blaze and others.
Various responsibilities as required.




Degree in finance, finance planning, economics, business, management, or related field
Series 7 & 63
CFA, CFP, MBA, CPA, CIMA, or other advanced designations preferred.
Several years of direct management & leadership responsibilities. Have managed a team and have experience with employees reporting to you.
Excellent Communicator
Ability and desire to travel.