Job Summary:

This role is responsible for ensuring that our investment models and collective investment trust funds (CITs) are properly reconciled and valued on a daily basis. This requires some knowledge of mutual fund trading, income processing, portfolio valuation, and unitization. In addition to these fund accounting tasks, the Fund Accountant is responsible for triaging any after-hours mutual fund trading questions or issues raised by institutional/intermediary clients of Mid Atlantic.

The scheduled hours of work are 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET.


Responsibilities include:

Monitoring cash and position reconciliation reports to ensure all accounts are properly valued on a daily basis.
Monitoring price reports to ensure that no security end of day prices are missing and all security prices are received and validated.
Performing daily unit value reconciliations through systematic reports and spreadsheets.
Daily monitoring of internal systems to ensure all trades are routed and executed properly.
Providing after-hours trade support to our client base and escalating systems issues to on-call developers or upper management as needed.
Providing research assistance to account administrators and relationship managers.
Monitoring internal systems and reports to ensure successful processing of all scheduled tasks.
Working with mutual fund companies and clients to resolve any trade rejects to the clients satisfaction.
Performing other duties as required in order to provide our clients with the support and the tools they need.


Minimum Qualifications:

Ability to multi-task and work independently.
Familiarity with mutual funds and/or mutual fund accounting.
Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
Proficient in Excel.