The Network Architect with EdgeCo Holdings is primarily responsible for maintaining and administering the organization’s entire information technology network, which includes network (LAN, WAN and intranet) and cloud and software technologies. The Network Architect will also be responsible for supporting the enterprise systems and network infrastructure, maintaining the functionality, security/patching, and uptime of critical technology systems such as file and print servers, storage infrastructure, application servers, and client/vendor connectivity.


Implement strategic network and security designs, following industry best practices.
Collaborate with management to determine the organization’s networking needs.
Ensure maintenance of current network and make upgrades or adjustments as needed.
Research and evaluate solutions to ensure the network uses high-quality, up-to-date technology and equipment.
Perform testing, installation, and maintenance on required equipment.
Establish performance management metrics for networks.
Troubleshoot and resolve network bugs, performance issues and other problems.
Document all aspects of the enterprise systems, network infrastructure, and key processes related to its operation and maintenance.
Develop and maintain accurate networking documentation for reference.
Prepare project plans, including schedules, resource allocation and budget estimates and present to management staff.
Direct large-scale network and security infrastructure projects.
Participate in meetings to gather information regarding data, business, and user requirements.
IT infrastructure installation, maintenance and support of internal data center and related hardware and outsourced data center and hardware.
Implement and support regulatory compliance, policies and procedures related to IT operations and security.
Maintain the functionality, security, and uptime of critical technology systems.
Regularly improve the security posture of enterprise systems and network infrastructure.
Support peers on other projects and tasks while balancing regular duties.
Record and respond to technical incidents and requests using the Service Desk ticketing system while adhering to performance goals.
Assist with new technology investigations, coordinate implementations, and support new enterprise applications and technologies entering the infrastructure by writing and updating service and procedural documentation, proposing and implementing process improvements, and working collaboratively with peers and support teams.
Resolve technical issues within defined SLAs and document root cause and resolution.
Participate in the development and implementation of hardware and software standards for the network, servers, databases, wireless technology, file & print services, etc.
Participate in the development and implementation of data retention standards.
Participate in developing and maintaining the overall backup and recovery strategy (Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity).
Participate in developing, implementation, and maintenance processes and procedures for effective delivery of services and compliance with regulatory guidance.
Participate in the development and implementation of ‘best-practice’ standards as well as departmental policies and procedures.