Job Summary:

??Responsible for managing and delegating the plan document workload to ensure all IRS/DOL timing requirements and internal timing standards are met. Evaluate the suitability of prospective plans, ensuring plans meet all ERISA qualification requirements, referring plans to optional designs as appropriate, and work with clients and sales team to determine provisions for the creation of new documents. Supervise and develop Document staff.


Monitor the timely and accurate completion of all routine document assignments to include but not limited to:
Plan Documents, Amendments, Summary of Material Modifications (SMMs), Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), Salary Reduction Agreements, Safe Harbor Notices, QDIA Notices, Automatic Enrollment Notices, Select Fee Disclosures, and Legacy Fee Change Addendum.
Database maintenance for changes to plan documents, services, financial advisor, and fees.

Quality review of staff task assignments.
Plan design and compliance consulting, including being the lead on consultative plan design calls with plan sponsors and advisors as part of the implementation/installation process and on an ongoing basis
For takeover plans conduct a complete, section-by-section review of prospective plan documents, including, but not limited to: adoption agreements, plan amendments, Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD), plan valuations, past discrimination tests, and Form 5500 filings.
Prepare initial document package which includes adoption agreement, Summary Plan Description (SPD), policies, and notices as needed.
Identify potential operational, administrative and systems issues, validate available capabilities or identify areas where support may be restricted.
Provide design support for such complex issues as plan mergers, terminations, control group issues, and cross-tested plans.
Provide status reports to management and internal partners on pending and completed work.
Keep abreast of new and upcoming changes in state and federal legislation affecting retirement plans through self-study and internal training classes.
Assist the senior compliance team in researches and analyzes of general or plan-specific compliance issues and provide options for resolution as they pertain to the plan document.
Maintain and develop team processes and procedures to accommodate any changes.
Coordinate and lead the restatement of retirement plan documents and amendments due to law changes and in compliance with IRS deadlines.
Support client calls as needed.
Lead periodic team meetings and participate in leadership meetings to discuss department developments.
Train, develop, and mentor employees for future growth. Maintain an employee development plan for each staff member and look for opportunities to improve skills.
Monitor documents team and individuals of the team to identify and act on both positive and negative performance trends.
Deliver employee performance reviews to staff. Provide input to Manager on staff performance to determine annual wage increases.
Determine and monitor quarterly team goals and individual goals.
Provide input on staffing and equipment needs to Manager.
Interview potential staff and select top applicants to review with Manager to make a final decision on new hires.
Perform other duties as required or assigned.